Candid Engagement Photography Service Los Angeles & OC | VAP


Once in awhile, love gives you a Fairy Tale

Los Angeles and Orange County are known to have the best locations for engagement photo shoot in California. The geographical and cultural diversity of South California gives you a range of options including unique architectures, beautiful gardens, flower fields and romantic beaches. We have experienced taking engagement photos in many well-known locations as well as our favorite hidden spots. 

 Part of the engagement photography session around Los Angeles and Orange County can be made with posed images and the part where we will capture and portrait the spontaneous feelings of the couple. The engagement photos will make an excellent introduction to the family album and often used for the official announcement of the wedding as a "save the date." It is also a great opportunity for the clients and us to get to know each other and become comfortable on the wedding day.

The shoot can be styled to your preference choosing any specific theme to your liking. We would love to capture the photos that illuminate the beauty of being romantically in love in the most beautiful location in So Cal.


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